Skull Stuffings #1 ALSO.. explaination.

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Skull Stuffings #1 ALSO.. explaination.

Post by CDCeltown on Fri Jul 17, 2009 6:11 am

Here's what happens. We make a blog forum. The forum is for you to come in and rant whenever you feel like it. Make a new thread for ever blog. Treat it like a diary if you must.

Just talk. Don't introduce yourself. Don't talk about who you are in any transparent way.

Just say whats on your mind. It doesn't have to fit with anything.

But if you post here, you know it'll be read... by someone.

If you feel like writing a poem. Write it, and post it. If you prefer a diatribe... do that instead.

It doesn't have to be deep. Shallow is fine. Just give yourself a personality to identify with.

Again... it doesn't have to be every day... just when you feel like it.

PS... I will lock blogs by REQUEST. But ONLY by request. As for me... I love input (being the attention whore I am).

I dunno, I just would RATHER have a few, stand out characters on this board, than a bunch of nameless, faceless, sheep. But that's just me.

Skull Stuffings #1.

We can pretend all we like. But the great depression was something we have never, and will never experience. Times are hard, there's no debate. But I believe the sorrow people endured during the depression is something we'll never come to know, without being overtaken by another country. Let's hope that never happens.

People I know, people I identify with, none of them can learn to appreciate what it truly is to grow up poor. Even if they did grow up poor.

It's not enough to just to grow up poor, but to grow up without a choice. Not when a job was difficult to find, but when a job was impossible to find.

Destitution is a dehumanizing ordeal. It brings out the best in us at times. But more often than not, it shows us not only the worst, but rather, can show us a true demon who lurks within. It shows us exactly who we do not want to be. Then it gives us the choice to follow that path... or to walk away and never look back. Therein lies the only choice with being poor. To be a demon... or to remain true to yourself.

I chose the latter.

Choosing the latter has been good to me.

I don't really have an end to this type of bullshit. So I end it with some music, relating to what I'm discussing.

Of course it's always music I ENJOY. No it's not going to be rock, rap, country, or blues all the time. My blogs, like my musical taste... vary.

So I end this blog like this... with music of the depression.

It's beautiful.


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